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I coat my styrofoam dummies with a thin layer of crisco and then lay the fondant.
I have been going back and forth about this for quite sometime now. I currently offer free tasting consults. They can taste 2-3 different flavors, fillings and frostings. I make up cupcakes from my leftover batter and freeze them for future tastings. I get like 75% of the consults I do...or sometimes they say they are still shopping around and end up calling me like a month later and then book. I do have some people that think I have nothing better to do with my time...
Here is the link: regards to using them on BC-just make sure that it is well crusted. Gently press on cake. Try not to roll around too much or you will mess up your icing. HTH!
Very cute cake. Based on my price list, I would charge about $100 for this!
I use the impression mats that I bought off earlene's website. They work well and they weren't very expensive at all to buy!
Make sure you are using a heavy whipping cream. Sometimes it takes a while in the mixer to get it to firm up, I put it on a higher setting. I usually make mine and refrigerate overnight and whip the next morning.
I think it might of been too thin. After I did the second coat, it looked a lot better...still messy though! I just delivered it, I think that it turned out Ok in the end.
OK then! I am in the process of making my first chocolate Ganache cake...a 3 tier wedding cake! It is SOOOOOOO messy!!!!!!!! I have the first coat on and sitting in the fridge to set a bit...I am going to have to add another coat, because it looks too streaky. Oh boy Is there an easier way to do this???
I guess it depends on if you are in the cake business or the styrofoam business. If your goal and objective is to sell decorated dummies, then the above statement is logical. If your goal and objective is to sell decorated cakes, then the above statement is confusing to me.My goal is to make each and every couple happy. I advertise that we make custom cakes fit for any budget. So if I have a couple that is on a budget and wants the look of their dream wedding cake,...
I charge $50 per dummy. This is fully decorated. This is only if they purchase additional wedding cake tiers, or separate sheet cakes. Otherwise it is $75 per each dummy cake.I wish I could charge more, but no one is going to pay the same as cake, for Styrofoam...even though it is our work involved, people just don't get it!!!I don't rent them...I tell them to keep the dummies when they are done. If they are just going to chuck them, then I tell them I would be happy...
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