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I am making a wedding cake for tomorrow. The bride wants chocolate buttercream in a dark choc. brown color. Her colors are choc brown and pink. I made the chocolate BC dream recipe and have added a ton of brown and some black color, but I can't achieve the color I want. Now I have like 15 cups of choc BC Dream, but not in the right color! HELP!!!!
I don't think that you are too far from me-I am near Lancaster! Always good to know fellow CCers that are close to me!!!
Hey jenlg-Where is Dalmatia-PA?
I know this isn't going to help you now. But I always keep a container of red and black satin ice on hand for these things that come up. Best of luck. Maybe add a drop of black to the red to help deepen the color?
Some people her on CC have said that it does the same thing without the meringue powder as with it and that it is just a selling method from Wilton! Some people who live in hotter climates with a high humidity need to use it to help stabilize the icing and it will hold up better against these weather conditions. As for bulk-I but mine through a local distributer here for real cheap. The man at the distributer said it is the same as Wilton and that meringue powder is...
I just made one last week. I looked for a template too, but not sure if one exists! I ended up doing it like the previous posters 2 pieces. Cover the breasts then the dress. My picture is in my photos. Good luck. Make sure you post a picture when you are done!
I don't soften the edges of my dummies...but others do. I roll my fondant out thick enough where it doesn't tear. I was reading a post that someone else had posted asking the same question, and people were saying to soften them a bit, because that is what it will look like with real cake and your customers won't be expecting those sharp edges. A little bit of water I think should soften those edges.As for the wilton vs satin ice. I had the same thought too, but after I...
Here is my first cake I made for my little ones first birthday...and the other picture is one of my most recent wedding cakes.
Great idea! I always struggle with this my self! They can be a lot of work!!!
I charge $3.00 per serving for a basic butter cream wedding cake. I would call around to other bakeries in your area and see what their wedding cake prices are, so that you can stay competative in your area.
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