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I have seen several posts on here about MMF. So I finally researched it and found that it is a homemade fondant? I normally use Satin Ice. Can anyone tell the difference? Thanks!
I believe that you will just use the ice cream cones and glue them together with royal icing. I am pasting the directions I was given by jenntatum..."I used a square cake on bottom and the round on top. The whole cake is covered in fondant. I used a fondant cutter/emboser with the ridged wheel on it to make a brick pattern on the sides and the towers. For the towers I took two of the cake style ice cream cones (not the sugar ones) and glued them with royal icing end to...
I am also making my first one for a cake order at the end of the month. I am following the directions of someone else here on Cake Central, but they used ice cream cones wrapped in fondant. That's what I am going to try. I am doing a practice run soon...we'll see! I have also heard of using PVC piping?
WOW! Sounds like a lot of work just to put ribbon on a cake. I just put it right on the cake. I've never noticed any grease spots!
I buy the Wilton black ready stuff and squirt some into my icing and add some black color too. Let it sit for a little. I always get it really black by doing this!
I am getting a cake ready to go out tomorrow morning at 9am. It is a 2 tier cake-an 8" stacked on top of a 12". Do you think that it is OK to dowel and stack today? I feel I am at a stand still...The customer is picking up the cake and taking it for about a 2 hour drive!
Thanks...I belong to Costco, but I am sure they have the same thing their!
Thanks, maybe I will try it with the plastic wrap
I have been told to bake my cakes on a Thursday night, for a Saturday wedding or event-Ice on Friday and decorate either Friday night or sat morning. My question is, should I just let the cakes sit out on the cooling racks from Thurs till Friday? Should I refrigerated them? Should I saran wrap them? Thanks!
I had thinned the icing with a couple tbsp of water as I was making it, to make it a more smooth, thinner consistency. Is this wrong?
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