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LOVE IT!I have my first wedding cake this weekend too...I hope mine turns out just as nice! CONGRATS on a job well done!!!
What size thickness of foamcore should the base boards be?
If you have any gumtex, I know that helps it to dry quicker...otherwise, I am not sure-Sorry!
I had the same thought, so I researched many options, and to buy in bulk would cost way more than what I pay at Walmart for my cake mixes...almost double the price!
Would anyone be willing to offer some insight on these two cakes for me? I have a wedding coming up in the end of April that I want to incorporate these two pics into one cake. I have PM'd both designers, but I have had no reply one either one. I am going to use the overall design on the top picture, but the waterfall setting from the other one. How would I do the waterfall setting? and on the other cake-any directions for the palm trees? Also, how can I achieve the...
Thanks for your input. I was wondering the same thing about the square plates going on those pillars? I think I have seen enough pictures in the gallery of round plates with square cakes. I think it will look good-I will post pictures! Thanks for all your help!!!
OK, I have a quick question-I have my first wedding this weekend, and I am making a square, 3-tiered stacked cake on a fountain.It just dawned on me that I have a round cake plate that the plate connects to the fountain pillars for the cake to sit on. Do they make a plate to fit these fountains in square, or do I put it on the round ones?I know...nice of me to think of this now
I am going to have to try...Thanks-I'm all about saving money!!!
What kind of batter are you using? I usually bake mine for 15-20 minutes. Let cool for a little bit and then take out of pan and let cool on rack for a little longer. You can then put them in ziplock bags and freeze for the weekend. I use the cake mix recipes from the cake doctor book. Hope this helps!
My 12 X 18 is my full sheet cake, my 11 x 15 is my half and my 9 x 13 is my 1/4 sheet cake. I think, by putting 2-12 x 18's together is considered the full sheet cake, but I think that is WAY to big!
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