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I had this problem last week when I was doing a chocolate butter cream wedding cake. I ended up finding the new Hersheys Special Dark Cocoa powder. It worked is the link to my post...!
I usually leave mine in the fridge overnight, but you could also stick it in the freezer for a bit. I does take a while to get it to whip sometimes. Usually like 15 minutes or more? Make sure you are using a Heavy Whipping cream and not a heavy does help!
Satin Ice-LOVE IT!!!
I have had a really hard time finding the orange cake mix as well. So I found this recipe here on CC for an orange cake, made from a white cake mix and orange jello mix. Here is the link... LOVE the recipe here on CC for orange creamsicle...that is the recipe I used to use, but like I said I cant find the orange cake mix without buying the whole big kit from DH. So now I make the orange cake from the...
CarolynGwen-"I may get one for hubby with titles on them mine can be "boss" and his title "not the boss"-I like that...I will have to remember that!
We try to shoot for a contemporary look to our business. I also feel it is VERY important to "look the part" and dress professionally. We wear black tops and black pants, or skirts with Black shoes or boots. We all wear our black bib aprons with our pink logo on them. My husband who obviously would look-well feminine, wears black clothing with his black chef coat with our company logo on it and his black head bandanna! Brides and other caterers always tell us how nice...
I just wanted to say thanks for everyone's help. I ended up using that Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Cocoa and it worked very well. Wasn't the greatest to ice with, but I managed! Here is a picture of the cake. Thanks again...You guys Rock!!!!!
OK-I just added some choc ganache to it...definitly looks better, but not dark enough. I am off to the store to buy some of that hershey's dark cocoa! Looks like I am pulling an all nighter!!!I hope this works!
oh man...I am thinking maybe adding some choc ganache to it? I have been using the americolor brown and ran I am onto the Wilton stuff!
Thank you beachcakes for your response...Anyone else have any other ideas, maybe even a good recipe to get it that dark? Thanks guys!
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