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Listen to our Super Star...Live and Learn!!!Shirley, you said to steam them...what is that process?Do you always dust with Super Pearl, no matter what the fondant color is? Or do you use other dust colors?
I think it is really what your want your full sheet cake size to be. My full sheet cake is a 12 x 18 X 4, my half is a 10 x 15 X 4, and my 1/4 is a 9 x 13 X4. Some people make their full to bigger sheet pans and put them together...It's all a matter of your personal preference!
I found that if you roll it thin, it looks more real, fabric like. I always mix a little gumtex into mine also to help it stand up. Sometimes, it can take up to a whole day or more the get it to dry enough to stand on it's on and form that shape you want. There is a great tutorial here on cc, with how to pics and easy instructions! Good luck!
From a not so fun experience last week, don't put the bow on until you get there. I assembled mine at home and drove an hour an a half. I went to open the cake box for the customer to show her and we both were in shock! The bow had collapsed, crumbled, and was unfixable. I apologized, took the cake to the local Walmart and bought some fresh flowers and a generic princess tierra (it was for an 11 year old girls Birthday) and added that to where the bow was. I actually...
Thanks-I have to drop my daughter off at Preschool this AM, and I will run over there! Your swell!!! Fooby-Thanks for the link...this helps too!!!
Do you think I can get it at a Barnes and Noble?
I agreed to do this cake for a wedding in June! I have never done a whimsical cake. I have printed out all previous posts on how to's, but does anyone have any easy directions, or insight to do this. The cake size, when set and done, should be a 6, 8, and 12 what size pans should I use. Thanks!!!Why do I get myself into these situations???
I am from PA-It was very simple to get licensed. I called the dept. of Ag and they told me I have to call my local boro office for zoning approval first. After I got a letter from them, the Dept. of Ag came out, did their quick inspection, went over their "what to do and what not to do" speech. They took their $35 and that was it! Any question, just let me know, I would be glad to help!
I did it on a dummy cake for a bridal show. It was my first experience doing it, and it was so easy. I used RI on Fondant, but that was because it was a demo cake. Here it is!
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