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It is located in the frozen food aisle with the whipped toppings and cake crusts. They say that it is better to use than the dry stuff, and that it is tastier and more fresh! I didn't know what it was either until I asked the sales clerk!!!
It is on page 212 and 213...Ambrosia Cake-That's probably why you can't find it. I also add a tsp of coconut extract to the cake mix to help it taste more coconuty!
OK, I'm not thrilled about doing this cake, especially because I am so against guns. But this one is for a police officer- I was given this picture I attached, and they would like me to replicate it from a carved sheet cake. It is only feeding a few people, so I was thinking to carve a 9 x 13 sheet cake. I was thinking to cover in in white icing and use black fondant to add details and the accents? I have never carved a cake before, never less in a shape of a gun. ...
OK, for some reason it wont allow me to attach the document. I e-mailed it to you guys instead. Good luck!
I have attached the recipe for anyone. Hopefully it won't be too blurry!HTH!
Does anyone have a recipe for something that is similar to a "French Apple" filling? Thanks in advance!
I have made this great recipe I got out of the Cake Mix Doctor book. It is a coconut cake with a pineapple/orange filling and is DELICIOUS. I have offered it as a new flavor and the brides are LOVING it. If you want me to e-mail it to you, let me know! On another note...I have told people in the past that I can make something that I have never made and when they leave, I run to the computer to ask for help!!!
I like the first picture. At first, I was concerned about all of that weight on the glass pillars, but if you tested it, I say go for it! It is unique and a great idea...good luck. Can't wait to see pics!
I would probably charge $50-$60. But I would definitely check some of your competitor's prices. HTH!
I find that my roses turn out better when I use RI. My buttercream ones always flop!
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