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I use a very lightly dusted counter of cornstarch to help it from sticking, and shortening to help soften it.
Once I was turned on to the Magic Lines, I was simply amazed of the difference. I am slowly restocking all of my pans in Magic Line and then I am going to sell my Wilton ones. I wish I would of known this before I first invested in the Wilton ones!
I am not really sure, but i would think that if it has pudding in it, that it should be refrigerated. Sorry i am not much help!
I am not sure, but would love to know too!
I charge $1 a flower for RI flowers and basic gum paste and fondant flowers like ribbon roses and simple cut outs. I charge up to $3 a flower for more detailed gum paste flowers, like roses. Sometimes I will charge a flat rate for the whole cake, but that will vary.Hope this helps!
OK, I need to get me a license plate like that!!! I love it! You know you are a cake addict when you can't wait for your DH and the kids to go to sleep, so you can get on CC and explore!
I was never aware of a popcorn salt...I always just add a half tsp. or so, of reg salt. It really helps on cutting the sweetness down. I have never had a problem with it not dissolving.
I just did a castle cake a couple weeks ago. I can pm you directions, if you would like. There is a picture of it in my photos. As far as the mermaid. You could have the mermaid sitting on the cake, or make a waterfall with a mermaid? You could use a doll pick for the upper body and make her "tail" from fondant.
I don't think that they look too bad. I am curious to see if anyone else posts any other methods to making palm trees because I need to make some for a cake in the end of April. I have never done them either
Does anyone have instructions for making tulips? BC, or fondant would be fine! Thanks!!!
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