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I had a really hard time with BC roses too. Then I got the idea here on cc to use a hershey's kiss as the base and WOW! I can make roses...amazing! gumpaste roses are very easy too, but very time consuming! You could always buy them, is good!HTH!
Thanks!Sounds like your cake is beautiful. Can't wait to see pics!
Actually, I believe you do the bride's first initial first, a big letter of the last name of the Groom, and then the groom's first initial.JST
I took ice cream cones and glued the ends together with royal icing, making four of these. For the turrets on the top of the cake. I took three more ice cream cones and carved them 3 different lengths, covered in BC and then fondant. I wrapped 7 sugar cones in BC, and then fondant and used RI to glue them on the other turrets.
I need to get me one of those silpat mats. Anyone know where you can get them for a good price?
I would refrigerate also...Better safe than sorry!!!I hear you about fridge space-I just bought my 2nd fridge to put in the garage, to have room to store everything! My hubby said that I took over his only room in the house...Sorry honey!
Thanks for the tip ShirleyW!
Can I make a BC/RI Carnation flower from a tip 102? The directions I have say to use a tip 150. I don't have that tip and am too busy today to run out for one. Thanks!
I think this it is usually done with fondant. If it is just to accent the cake, I don't see why your customer would mind. It probably would really give the decorated cake an extra special touch! You could also do it from RI. Just do it in advance on wax paper.HTH!
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