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Thanks for your help! Your cakes are beautiful!
Any other ideas?
I would definitely have more cake! Better safe than sorry!
Sure, just e-mail me at and I will forward them to you guys!
Thanks for the tip!
Anyone have instructions to make either hibiscus flowers or palm trees from gumpaste? I need them for a Luau cake in a couple of weeks! Thanks!!!
There are instructions for this method and other topsy turvy cakes in Collette Peters-Cakes to Dream on book. I can e-mail you the directions if you'd like.
I have an order for a baby shower cake this weekend. Weird situation-the mom to be is having a surprise baby shower for her husband. It is her third baby, but his first. She is having a boy and would like me to make a cake in the shape of a boy Pittsburgh Steeler football player. Any ideas, pictures or advice? Thanks!!!
Speaking of this bismark tip. Do you use a coupler? I can't see to figure it out. When I don't use one the tip falls through the bag. Am I doing something wrong?
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