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I have to tell you how much I am annoyed at the moment. I baked a 10 x 15 marble sheet cake...let it cool for 10 minutes, went to flip it to cool on the rack and the darn cake wouldn't release. Instead half the cake is on the rack and the other half still in the pan Guess it is back to the drawing board for me...
I pmd you guys! Enjoy!!!
I was told that red velvet cake is a mild chocolate tasting cake that is just really red in color. To be quite honest with you, the red color is what red velvet is all about. It compliments with cream cheese filling or frosting very good! I've even made it with a white chocolate mousse! Ok now I'm hungry!
I use whipped cream frosting all of the time. I keep the cake refrigerated right up until it is time for pick up or delivery. I never had a problem! If you would like me to email you my recipe, just let me know!
I use the German chocolate base cake mix and add 1 oz of red food coloring to it! My customers love it!
I add about 3-6 oz of melted white chocolate to my regular butter cream. Tastes very good!
Wow, cool Cheetah girl cake! My girls love it!!As far as the center dowel-I always do a center dowel. It's not that hard, and I rather be safe than sorry. I make sure that my cakes go nowhere!!!
Thanks...i have that book! I will check it out!
jillcleary1026-What a cute cake! Is that in the Celebrate Fondant book?
Does anyone know of any other instructions to make babies without paying for the tutorial?
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