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I am doing a Bridal Expo this coming weekend. It is being held at a local mall all day on Saturday and Sunday. My question is, would it be rude to put up a sign to say that my samples are for brides and their parties only? How should I word it on a sign? I can just imagine everyone in the world coming to just have a piece of cake! What are your thoughts?
Thanks Jan!
I know that their are templates for these booties, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any other directions they would like to share to making these. I am going to make some for a shower cake this weekend. Thanks so much!
Well, honestly-I would wait to decorate and cover in the fondant until after you arrive. If you cover in fondant and pack them, you will get the fondant all marked up and dented. You will probably end up redoing it once you got there. I would play it safe!
I am in need of any information that anyone may have on opening a commercial shop. I have been running my business from my licensed kitchen as a home based bakery, but we are moving to a new house...and new town in October and have decided to make an actual licensed shop out of the basement. It is just one room in the used to be a garage years ago, but the previous owners converted it into a "hobby" room. It has a separate entrance. I am going to contact...
I got a call last week for an order of 5 mini wedding cakes for this coming Saturday. It is a last minute thing. I could really use the money right now, so I agreed to do them on such short notice! I have two other weddings this weekend, so I decided to bake them today and freeze them. I originally told the lady I would do them for $100 each, but she talked me down to $50 each. I am such a push over! Each mini cake is a different flavor, and they are all being...
I agree with everyone else-It willl be your competition to report you. Its just how it is. How hard is it to get licensed where you are? Here in PA, it isnt that hard at all. You should make a call to your local dept. of Ag and go for it. Then you can do the show with confidence knowing you are legal!!!
Sometimes if your ganache turns out grainy after whipping could indicate that you over whipped it.
I did a search for you in the CC you go!
If you can prove that you are a legitamite legal business, then you can get an account with CK Products. You can't beat their deals...they are definitly the cheapest. The only thing is that you have to place a minimum order of at least $100. To get an account with them they need proof that you are a business and not just anyone doing this as a hobby. They check to see if you have a business listing in the phone book etc. It is a pain to establish an account, but very...
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