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I use a doctored cake mix. Adda box of DH cake mix a box of pudding mix in whatever flavor you want, 4 eggs, 1/3 cup of oil, and a cup of water.HTH!
There is a similar thread going around about this-maybe this can help!
That is a great idea!!! I am going to have to try it. I hate when I fill a cake and when you go to ice it, it is sliding all over the place. This seems to be an easy solution. That is why I just LOVE this site!!!
Very interesting! Can I just airbrush regular color through it too? Or do I need to buy special airbrush color? I think this may be a good option for me being that this will be my first experience with an "airbrush" and will be a learning experience!Thanks for your post and the information!
How about it...people like Antonia74 aka Helen who was just featured in a magazine and a website! AMAZING! What a great place to learn from people like me who have never taken any culinary classes except the first three Wilton courses!
I would love to know more info about these cruises...they sound like fun and a great learning experience! Can anyone provide a website or e-mail me more info? Thanks!
I would love to know too, as I am in the market for an airbrush machine!
From my recent cake disaster this weekend...which was A LOT worse than yours...hang in there! People here are great and supportive. Just rty to learn from your mistakes and do better next time!
Please don't be so hard on yourself! I just had a wedding cake nightmare myself this past weekend! (read the Wedding Cake Disaster thread here)Anyway...I am learning that these things happen and we just have to learn from our mistakes to make us better at what we do! Also, I NEVER let anyone carry my cakes except me or my husband!I am offering my bride a complete 100% refund, but my situation is completely different. You might want to consider a partial refund to remain...
I know that there are tutorials here on CC for making purse cakes!
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