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Well, I am a cake mix baker normally. She wants a chocolate cake, and peanut butter butter cream. I was also going to cover it in fondant? What exactly does organic mean when it comes to baking?
I have a request for a graduation cake...just a smal 8" round cake. But the lady said-" can you make it with organic ingredients?" I said "sure?" Why do I do this to myself? Any help here?
How do you guys transport your cupcakes to set up on a tower on site? I have some weddings coming up that I am using antonias stand (which I am so excited about using for the first time!) And I would like to know the easiest and less messiest way to do this!
I am so sorry for your loss. We will pray for you and your family...god bless!
Well, from experience...and a recent topsy turvy cake disaster myself...I dont assemble that top tier till I am on site. It does look like it is leaning. I will pray for you
I personally bake a 2" pan, but I fill it really high, almost to a 3" capacity. I tort and fill that. It usually gets very close to a 4" height when it is all set and done. For sheet cakes, I still say the 1 x 2" servings. I charge $1 per serving(includes a thin BC layer of icing or $1.50 per serving with a filing. I do stress to them that it is just a cake. No border, no anything. Just a great tasting cake and icing! Some bakers do a double-layer sheet cake...I...
OK, the bride called today! She was SO NICE!!! I was dreading this phone call for 3 days now, but it went better than I expected. The first thing she said to me was "Don't even worry about it...I'm not going to be Bridezilla!"I went into this deep apology and explained the entire story to her, from start to finish. I couldn't stop apologizing and she just kept saying, don't worry about it. She did say that a lot worse things happened that day. She said that her...
Wow, your cakes are beautiful!I was told that you could also use the center column stand and that it is more sturdy. But you think that it would be OK and strong enough with just the plates and pillars? Do you use the hidden pillars?
Here is the link...
I have just sent a PM to the creator of this beautiful cake, but I would like to know what kind of support system is used to make this type of cake? I would imagine that it takes a ton of roses? Do they just get stuck in there, or are they stuck into something?
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