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Cambo-It is a shame that press and seal didn't work for you...I swear by it. Maybe you didn't cut the press and seal wide enough to cover all of the ribbon? snowshoe1-For the Press and seal method...all you need to do is take a strip of press and seal, and cut it to the desired length and width of the ribbon. Make sure it covers the entire width of the ribbon. Attach the ribbon to the sticky side of the press and seal and lightly wrap it around your cake. I attach the...
I live in PA also, and would love to know where you got such a good deal on that oven? Thanks!!
Try using press and seal. I learned this tip from someone here on CC...I don't remember who, but now this is how I always attach ribbon to BC icing cakes...It makes it food safe, and no grease stains!!!
The three cakes is going to give it more dimension and height to really give it a dramatic look. I am sure that the 2 layers would work...but when you go to stack the top tier, on top of the base tier, you will have to cut a hole out of the cake, and you will lose a lot of cake there...As for the 6-8-10...never tried it that might just have a lot of carving and shaping to do!HTH!
I have always refrigerated my fondant covered cakes with filling inside of it with no problems at all. You can't freeze it, but refrigeration should be fine.
I wouldn't chance it...I would imagine that cream cheese needs to be refrigerated. It is a dairy product and that is why here in PA, home bakers are not allowed to sell any cakes that use dairy products or need refrigeration. I just don't want something happen to you or have the FDA on you! It's just not worth the risk!On another note...I was told that the only kind of icing that should go underneath fondant is a butter cream based one. I know first hand that the...
I am going to give this another bump, because I am still unclear what they are and why one would use it over say chocolate fondant or even regular fondant or gum paste?
Can someone tell me what modeling chocolate is, what it is used for and where you buy it? Also what exactly is Marzipan?
Where do you buy organic cake mix?
Wow, I really like the cupcake courier...but pricey, if you need to transfer 200-300 cupcakes at a shot! I have transported cupcakes int he past on the non slip mat in a box...but the icing always gets smeared! Any other ideas?
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