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I am REALLY P***** off that people would seriously waste their time and my time with this crap!!! He must of went to the PA people today!!!I sent him this email back...Dear Mike,I will certainly be able to accommodate this request, I do have that date available-but I will need payment in full of $825 when you are ready to place the order. Thanks so much! Have a nice day!Hmmmm-it is strange that I haven't heard back from the guy!!! I should report him to the police!
I have ready many posts here on CC about this kind of request...I just got a phone call from one of those relay phone calls. It was a man who is interested in a cake for April 9. The call got disconnected at the end of the call...less then 5 minutes later, I got this email-Thanks for the relay phone conversation,which i just called your store regarding a cake order…well I will like you to bake me a chocolate or a strawberry cake of 5 tier that can serve...
I am so excited...I just landed my first contract with a local reception venue. I will be making all of their wedding cakes!!! i have a meeting with the lady next week, but i have no idea how to charge them and how to even work up a contract or anything like that? Should I offer different packages? Anyone have any information or personal experiences with this? Thanks!
I am looking for a cookie cutter shaped like a #16. I have to make cookie favors for a sweet 16 party and they would like to have them shaped into the #16. I haven't seen a cutter like this other than the #1 and # 6. Is there a technique I can do to achieve this? Thanks!!!
That is the going rate for bridal show is ridiculous! If they are goig to give it to you for $200, you should do it. That is a good deal. It will be WELL worth your investment and it will be the kick start that your business needs! I think if you could make a few more dummy cakes and get some pictures framed of some of the cakes you make already, you can display them too. Do a raffle-that will bring in more brides and plus you will get their contact...
Wow-thanks everyone! Still not sure what to do? I am leaning towards paying the $200...or maybe I can get my hubby to make one? He's gona just love me-
I would like to purchase a petit four/cupcake stand somewhat like this picture. This is for sale at for $200 and I wanted to know if they are cheaper anywhere else? Thanks!
Sometimes I have the same problem. It's weird because other times they don't brown like that? Who knows! I just level off the top and it goes away!
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