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Thanks SO much for all of your help and input!!!Do you think that if I used a dab of choc and attatch it to the Choc. BC, it will adhere? Cakechick123, I noticed that yours is attached to fondant. I am also thinking that the toothpicks might be a lot of toothpicks going into the cake. I am leaning towards halfing the truffles, and bringing my little melting pot and using a dab of choc. to adhere them. What do you think ladies???
What a gorgeous cake!!!
Hmmm-so I guess I can bring a knife and half them, and then use the toothpicks...I'm gona need a big drink by the end of Saturday night when this cake is over!!!
Ughhh-what did I get myself into??? lol I'm thinking the toothpick idea is the best way to go. I just hope that they don't slide down the cake? The bride got the picture off the knot-I wish I could find the person who made it!!!
I am making this wedding cake for this weekend. It is going to be 7 tiers total-4-6-8-10-12-14-16 " round tiers. The 12 " tier will be fake, but the others are all real. They have purchased the truffles for me, but I am interest for any input about placing them on the cake tiers. Do you think they will just stick into the butter cream? I am doing the truffles part on site and was planning on adding a layer of buttercream to the cakes before delivery, unless anyone has...
I need to make a tiara for it too late? I am trying to click on the link under articles here on CC, but it is saying file not found. Anyone willing to share a simple quick way to make a tiara? Thanks!!!
Thanks for the responses...I have forwarded this info on to the bride and have explained the precautions. I have left this up to her! Thanks again!!!
I have a request for this cake. I think it may be spun sugar, but I don't have a clue on how to achieve this look? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much!!!Lacey
Use cocoa powder. Hershey's makes something called special dark cocoa mix and it works wonderfully! You won't even need to add any color at all. It gets a beautiful chocolate brown color.
The criss cross corset, I think was done from fondant.
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