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Probably a really simple question with a totally logical answer...For my daughter's birthday cake I was going to make a 2 layer 8" square cake and frost it with bright pink buttercream and then was going to add white fondant stars to give it an American Girl look for her Doll Fashion Tea Party. I have never worked with fondant before. I bought the Wilton Rolled Fondant in the box and I assume that I just roll it out and use the shape cutters to cut my shapes. Would I...
I have an idea in my head for my DD's party with a 2 layer square cake (no real idea why). I was wondering how many servings could I expect to get from it for 8-9 year old girls?She could have anywhere between 10-20 people (mostly kids). It is a Doll fashion tea party with American Girl dolls. I was thinking of doing something two layer to put stars on the sides, but am wondering if a basic 1 layer 9x13 would be better for the size of the cake (doing a double layer...
so, it wouldn't work to make it 5-7 days in advance and then to tightly wrap and freeze?
I will be making a pull-apart/cupcake cake for my DS's birthday. However the party is on Sunday afternoon of a very, very busy weekend. My usual mode of bake early in the week, freeze, then decorate the night before won't be easy to pull off.How soon before the party can I make my cake? And what is the best way to store it (fridge, freezer)?Thanks.
My DS has requested a pull apart cupcake cake for his birthday party in a few weeks. We won't have a ton of kids - maybe 12-15. His party is at a fire station, so a fire truck would be ideal. I just don't know how to make one at all, let alone one in a shape. A "how to" would be wonderful. Thanks!
Thanks, the Wilton technique was exactly what I needed. Need to go out and get a #8 tip, but, that shouldn't be a problem. They even give what color yellow to get. I have to say I have not ventured into fondant yet...still a bit intimidated. I will stick to piping bc for a while.
I am making banana cupcakes for my son's birthday party and I will frost with chocolate frosting. I wanted to pipe on 1-2 bananas on the top with buttercream. Is there a good tip for doing that? At first I thought it would be easy, but then realized that bananas have thicker and thiner parts.Any advise on tips or techniques? Thanks.
Oh, and when I was telling my DH about what I was thinking about, he thought I should put a banana cream filling between the cake layers. Any recipes for that? I would tend towards a milder banana taste over a very strong one. Thanks!
galliesway - thanks for the suggestion. I shy away from the WASC recipe because I know a lot of people with nut allergies. I myself am not allergic to almonds, but are sensitive to them. It is unfortunate, because everyone swears by that recipe. I do like the idea of using banana pudding!
Anyone have a good (and easy) banana cake recipe? Preferably a small recipe - at this point there are 5 kids coming (and some of them would eat the chocolate cake). I guess I could always make extras and freeze.
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