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Cake Central deleted the photo because they do not have a cricut album unless it is on a cake!Here are the / pictures / 8 (without the spaces between the slashes)
Ck our results here:
Nicholas Lodge GP recipe works GREAT!! Just rolled it as thin as you can so you can see the mat's lines. Let it dry a few minutes. Slow speed, med pressure, and if you see a jagged edge flip it. If you need the piece to be as it comes out, (letters for example), use the "flip it" button. Pick up any gum-paste left and roll it again. Each time it looses more moisture and gets better to use on the cricut!
Wood skewers raising them and putting them together like an accordion. You will need two pieces of pleated fondant to cover the belly. Then put them over the cake and remove the skewers. Be sure to hide the union of the two pieces overlapping them.
No entiendo lo de que en Puerto Rico no se puede usar agua?
Primero las técnicas que te han descrito son correctas, unas más complicadas que otras, ( para que el diseño case en cada tira si ya está incorporado al fondant hay que hacerlo con mucho cuidado y simetría), pero de dónde salió esta foto? Sabes quien fue el que creó esta torta?
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