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scp1127 thank you so much for all the info. I will definitely try out a few recipes and experiment to find something we like. I have never had/made a whoopie pie, they are not a Canadian thing. But if they are like Cakesters they must be delish.
Sorry if this was posted I could not find anything. Does anybody have a recipe for making homemade oreo cakester type cookies? My son loves them but the real deal is full of trans fats so was hoping to make something just as soft and tasty but a tiny bit healthier.Thanks
I have been asked to do a pot of roses for a 5 year olds birthday cake. They have asked for it to have a little edible card on a stick in the flowers that says 'Happy 5th Birthday' like you would get from a florist. Does anybody have any ideas about the best way to go about it?. Should I use chocoalte, gum paste, etc. My writing isn't the best so I am concerned about having to write legibly on such a small space. Also how should I affix it to a stick. I have lollipop...
I apologize as I know ts has been asked before but for some reason I can't search beyond one page. I need to make fondant zoo animals to place on cupcakes(75 of them). As I am home with a 4yr old and 7 month old time is at a premium.How far in advance can I make the animals? I presume most people will remove them but kids might eat them. It is needed for Dec. 17. Can I start now? And if I do what is the best way to store them. Thanks
Thanks everyone. Sounds like my chocolate has gone bad. I will try the suggestion to use vegetable oil but shortening didn't help so I am not too optimistic. I will buy a new batch tomorrow and post if that fixes my problem.
Ok, I made a ton of chocolate covered oreos last year to hand out at Christmas. I used a dozen different colored merckens. I always microwaved them and just poured them into the molds. I had lots left over and stored them in plastic bags in a tupperware. Well I tried to make a batch and I can not get the merckens to melt. I tried microwaving them in a bowl. Microwaving in a plastic bag and also melting them using a double boiler. Nothing, I end up with a mushy blob of...
Ok this is going to be a stupid question but I really need to ask. I am thinking about entering my first recipe contest. It is a chocolate cake recipe contest and you need to send in the ingredients list and instructions. Would this recipe also include the icing recipe? Or is it just the cake recipe? It will only be judged on taste.In order to ice the cake I would need to provide a separate icing recipe. That is where I have confused myself because who eats chocolate cake...
I need to bake 50 cupcakes for tomorrow and I am using the WASC and the Darn Good chocolate cake recipes. Both call for 1 cup of sour cream. I just pulled mine out of the fridge and realized it had expired a week ago. Urggh . I am home with a sick child so can't just run out to the store to pick more up. Can I substitute 2% plain yogurt for the sour cream?Has anybody done this?Thanks
This was Michelle Fosters Fondant not the marshmallow fondant which is what I always use. I had read great things here about MFF and that people who try it love it so I figured I would give it a go sa I had all the ingredients. Thanks everybody and I will let you know how it turns out.
Thanks Suzylynn I will see what it is like when I get home tonight. It was definitely still warm when I added the powdered sugar but that was per the instructions. I hope it turns because I loved the taste.
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