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Just wanted to take a moment to relay what a FANTASTIC customer service experience I had. I , like many, use a scraping blade for my kitchen aid mixer. ( if you don't I highly recommend getting one, fantastic) It broke and I was thoroughly bummed. I called beater blade . com ( no spaces in real life) and Cheryl was wonderful. Kind, professional, helpful. She sent me out a replacement with adjustment instructions for my mixer so it wouldn't break again ( apparently...
I know there are different schools of thought. I was simply saying for me I have to go by the va dept of agriculture and what they approved and wouldn't approve as far as the recipe and refrigeration   For my family, we have eaten it left out. For a client, never.  I just won't take the chance or go against what I was told for business
They dont last in mine either,but when making wedding cakes they have to :)
I use a combination of corn starch and ap flour to approximate cake flour. I like the texture it produces better than either all ap or cake flour
My states dept of agriculture (which regulates homebakeries)disagrees...It must be refrigerated.  I use smbc exclusively, refrigerate my fondant cakes all the time and its fine. I keep my workroom pretty cold, air condition the begeebers our of my van for delivery and then typically deliver to nice climate controlled venues. I just deliver a couple of hours ahead of time so that any glistening is gone by the time the client sees. I only ever had one time where the cake...
Liz I have never heard of that either :/. That means that the guests didn't get what the bride paid for them to have . Enga, I make cakes for whoever hires me to do so. Several venues appreciate the quality of my cakes and recommend me as a proffered vendor. It is still first come first serve though, I don't hold dates for venues over individuals. I have a good working relationship with the venues I deliver to.
Oh no I cannot hang around to cut cake for them. I deliver, setup and leave. It is their job to learn the different aspects of their business. I'm happy to show them once.
Individuals yes gut a venue should know better :/
Oh my goodness enga that is awful . People ask me all the time if I mind that all my hard work gets cut up and I always say no because I'm as excited for them to eat it as I am for them to see it, but when I walked in that kitchen I was sick to my stomach. I am sure that was your feeling as well
Ok what in the world is a London sharp knife LOLOLOL I love autocorrect NOT. it was meant to say long
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