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I have an abundance of a peach/skin colored icing. I need purple. What color should I begin adding to it to change it to purple?
My instructions are for 7 dozen. I do not have to make the doughnuts. The bride just asked me to assemble pre bought doughnuts and pour the choc on them. I am doing the bridal cake and this is the grooms "cake" Kikiandkyle - do you have a recipe?
Also, how to keep the chocolate warm until I get to the site to setup.
I am making this... Hopefully!any suggestions on how much and what kind of chocolate to use? There will be 7dozen doughnuts!!
Thank you. That sounds great! Have you ever made a chocolate glaze that can be poured over the doughnuts that crusts a little. Like Krispy Kreme
I was asked recently to do a wedding cake with multiple flavors and to do a grooms "cake" of stacked doughnuts. I have never done both cakes before and am unsure of how many doughnuts and cake servings to make? The bride is expecting at least 250. Any suggestions would be helpful!
What is imbc's consistency like? I am looking for a lighter icing than my crusting decorator icing.
To do a cupcake with this much icing, what kind of icing is best to use to prevent it from being so rich?
I am doing the wedding and grooms cake for a wedding this weekend. It is a VERY simple cake. She wants individual cakes of different flavors. She is expecting around 100. how many servings should I plan on having. I have only done 2 wedding and have ended up with a surplus of cake. What is the general rule of thumb when planning for a wedding?
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