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I'm baking a cake in my 12 inch pan and 3 inch deep! How much batter? I lost my instructions. Thanks so much!
MMF means marshmallow fondant, right? I'm so new to all this wording!!!
Glad I read this! I'm making my first belly cake tomorrow. That was helpful.
Ok...will NOT use it.....will make regular kind. Any suggestions on a great tasting kind? Everyone says they hate fondant but need it for the prego belly dress. Can you use whipped cream frosting with it? Frost N Pride? Or will the fondant be too heavy? Should I use butter cream instead for the sheet cake it will be laying on? Thank you for all your help. I love this site!
I made buttercream fondant recipe last night, never made fondant ever before's really it supposed to be like that? Do I add more powdered sugar? I measured out eveything perfectly. I need help! Should I make another recipe? I need it for Sat. Attemping to make a prego belly cake!
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