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I have made two guitars. The first time I used wire which looked realistic but is a bit of a pain when it is time to cut the cake. The second time I just extruded the fondant and I think it looks good... just try to keep the lines as straight as possible. Here is a link to my Fender guitar:
I don't do many wedding cakes.. but I have had a bride ask for fresh flowers on a dummy cake. I am wondering if anyone has done this before and what the best method for attaching them would be. She would like them on the front of the cake on the top tier as well as on the ledge between the tiers. Can you still use flower spikes in foam?? Thanks in advance.
I order from BRP box shop.
I ususally put about a 4" diameter circle of wax paper in the bottom of the pan after shortening and flour. It doesn't go totally flat, but with the weight of the batter it squished it down quite well. Then I take a knife and run it along the sides of the pan and it comes out no problem. I usually leave it for several hours still in the pan and haven't had a problem. Hope that helps.
Thanks for the replies everyone. I just worry that if I leave the cupcakes out at room temperature that they will dry out as the icing never goes right to the edge of the cupcake. Maybe I'll do a trial run..
I am doing some cupcakes for a wedding next week. They are all going to be a little different--with all sorts of flowers/leaves on the tops. When I did a test run, I found that the flowers went soft after sitting on the buttercream for a while. I'm wondering if there is a way to avoid this as the bride would like to pick up the cupcakes a whole day in advance. Does anyone have any tricks??
I am making a cake with an edible image on the top today. The customer wants lemon buttercream and I was going to use real lemon juice. I am wondering if the acid in the juice will cause issues with the edible image. Has anyone tried this before??
I use the decorator's cream cheese icing recipe from this site. It's delicious and crusts nicely!
Cutthecake... do you know if the Whimsical Bakehouse buttercream crusts?
I agree with the others--the Decorator's Cream Cheese recipe is FANTASTIC!!! I don't refridgerate and haven't had a problem.
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