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you can make the record out of black fondant, then lightly rub crisco on top of it, wiping the excess off gently with a paper towel. that makes the fondant shiney.
I have to let mine sit after I color it. It heats up and gets really soft. I usually put mine in a sandwich bag and let it set awhile, then come back and knead it to get it softer. I really like Fondarific. Especially the buttercream flavor! YUM!!!
omg! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You guys are so AWESOME!!! I knew this was the place to ask! You Guys Rock!!!
My friend is afraid of getting sprayed by a skunk. We always tease her about it. Is there a way to make a skunk cake that "sprays" out the back?! This maybe impossible but I thought it would be so cute if it could be done. So I turn to the experts, if it can be done I know this is the place to find the answer. Would love it to "spray" like a green colored mist. Anyways, I'll await your guidance. THANKS SO MUCH!!!
Okay for some unknown reason I keep getting little tiny spots in my colored icing. I read somewhere if salt isn"t dissolved it will leave spots. How do I fix the problem! It is so frustrating. I did a cake last weekend. icing was exact shadeI wanted. put it in a cake box. next morning i took it out and it had tiny little white dots all over it. I was so annoyed. what can you guys tell me to make this STOP!! thanks in advance!!!
I had my first customer cancel. it was actually a co-worker that wanted a cake for her sister. I had bought a topper(jeff gordan choc. race car for jeff gordon cake) for like $3. figured if she didn't like i could just eat it. she said it was good and asked if she could pay me for it. I said hold off and i'll add it into the price. Not a week later she said she had to cancel because her mother-in-law(who lives over 3hrs away) had bought a cake. I had a sneaky suspision she...
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