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This is the jessicakes method:   It's a pretty great idea.   Also, with modeling chocolate I need to use the oil food colors, right?   Thanks!!
Which one is better to use for Chevrons on a cake?  Fondant or modeling chocolate?  I am planning on using the Jessicakes method...   Thanks!!!
Eeeek! That is something I am always scared of too. I'm sorry this happened, and I think that 50% was appropriate.
When someone messes with your livelihood, it's war.
I don’t believe you, continue.
What's the post mark date on the envelope?
Wow! That must have been ALL YOU and so so so so much work!!!! So cool! Good thing you're so super awesome!!!!
I don't understand why you didn't just serve it anyway. :p
Yeppers, sure do.
It should be OK. But maybe one or two wooden dowels on the bottom would work, without taking away too much of the cake from the 6 inch.
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