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Thank you ! I ended up winging a bus. Would do things a little different next time haha but it was fun. If you want to see I have a picture at thanks for getting back to me. I made it out of two 11x15 cakes Angela
Did you make one?  Did you make a tutorial :)  Would love to see if you did :)
I use this when I do every cake order for size reference!  Amazing Cake Lady who now just sells tools for decorating but very helpful in resources!   Print this and I hope it helps with each order you do from here out!!  Can't wait to see pictures!
I would frost in chocolate ganache and then cover in fondant.  It will be so much easier then doing buttercream and two layers.   Either that or just do the chocolate in the middle of the layers and frost the whole thing in the sand buttercream.  That way she will have a nice thick layer of the chocolate and have the look and budget that she would like to stay in.   I personally think doing two layers of buttercream will be to much work and be worried about pulling the...   I did get three horses made for the cake!  All of the tails broke off and had to put most of their legs back on haha!  And the ears.....forget about it!  Just put a small chard of chocolate on the head and then melted them into ear shapes with my fingers.   Over all I am happy.  Should have made the barn smaller so it looked more in the...
 will try freezer tonight.  had only tried the frig before :)  Thanks for the ideas!
Hello! Was wondering if anyone has had any luck with the Silicone Horse Mold from First Impression.  I can not get it out with out breaking the tail, legs, ears..... no matter how careful I am.   I tried fondant with tylose also and left it in for 2 days and still had problems.  I was hoping to use it for a cake this coming weekend and was looking for advise   I can keep melting the chocolate back together to patch the horse but would love to get it out in one piece...
how did it turn out?  
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