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1st - welcome to CC. We're here to help when ya need us. The only advice I can offer is about the shipping. It has been my experience, that if you don't mind a pile of cake and icing crumbs, then shipping is cakes is fine. Others may have better experiences though.
HUH? Powdered Sugar explodes???? Maybe if you have some DET. cord. Why are you coloring the powdered sugar in the first place? For large batches of *icing*, I use baby spoons. Toothpicks are great b/c you can throw them away. Really not that messy or time consuming if you use enough coloring to begin with.
and as someone else said "GOOD CAKE IS GOOD CAKE" period. end of story!boxed
This website, if I'm not mistaken, is for cake enthusiasts. That includes bakers as well as decorators. The decorators probably have better looking cake as bakers probably have better tasting cakes. The biggest difference is we can see a pic of a cake and see that it looks good. We cannot, however, see a pic of a cake an determine if it tastes good. The wost thing that can happen is someone lies and says your cake is ugly. Honest criticism is what helps us improve. If...
Blow dryer - low heat just a few minutes. hope these links help.
Do they want the cake to taste like gingerbread or just looks like a gingerbread house?
Have you tried wrapping a damp towel around the pan. Some CC'ers prefer this method if the nail doesn't work.
Well, I'm not a lady, but we'll need more info. Is the cake to be a sheet cake, 2D, 3D, or tiered?
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