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Thank you! Not having to do the entire cake over will save me allot of stress and time!
I made a cake for a friend Saturday and then realized the party is not till next Saturday! If I freeze it will it be ok? It's buttercream and pudding....I'm so frustrated with myself now!
I have been making cakes for three years now and it finally happened. I wrote the wrong date down for a party and almost ruined a sweet sixteen. An old friend had asked me about a cake in July. Between then and now everything that could happen did. My mother had a stroke, basement flooded, work got crazy and I got overwhelmed. I had iced the cake yesterday thinking the party was today. Went out for dinner last night and did not bring my phone (never went back in to get...
I wanted to try out the wilton sugar sheets b/c the zebra stripe looked pretty cool but I have heard mixed reviews. Has anyone used them? are they worth it?
I use the NFSC always...but wanted to switch it up to a chocolate version. Has anyone tried it in chocolate? Can you share the recipe if you have it?THanks
Sounds simple enough! Thanks!
I have been noticing cakes using a tier that is shaped almost like a corset. Wide on top and bottom and small in the middle. Looks like a double barrel but carved. Wondering if there is an easy way to make this?
I agree with you. Some customers have told me I dont charge enough cause they went to xyz bakery. I don't have the over head or any employees to pay like a bakery does. I am comfortable with my pricing. I prob should start charging separately for gumpaste flowers and what not but I don't. I am no cake boss! Lol
Do any of you charge differently for wedding cakes compared to birthday or specialty cakes? I am starting to get more wedding orders and was curios because everyone tells me I dont charge enough!
For once, I'm glad I researched the forums before ranting and raving! I LOVE this recipe, I've been using it for 3 years and have not had a problem until recently. For some reason it bakes up perfectly until i take it out of the oven, then it sinks like the Titanic. It's worse in smaller pans. In her directions it says to bake for 40 mins. I do 30-35 at 350 so I might lower my oven and cook it longer...I guess it's trial and error.
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