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Thank you Texas Sugar for the link, it explained it very well.
Thanks Cakerocks for your reply, I am mainly interested in making flowers with fondant and the other additives. So, I guess I'll just try and see how thin I can roll and how fast they dry. On the Sating Ice website, they say you can add the gum trac. to their fondant and use for flowers.....we will see. Thanks again. Margie
I am confused as to what the difference is in CMC, Tylose and Gum Trac. Also when and why do you add them to fondant. I've read you can make gumpaste from fondant by adding gum trac. to it. This seems great for money savings and now with the colored fondants easier. But, do you get the same results with hardness as with lets say Wilton's gumpaste, which I always use. Somewhere I read you add CMC to fondant to stablize it, why, and what does that mean. Do you add it...
You can lower the price, only if you want to work for FREE!!!!! Why don't you donate them to her, at least you will fee better about yourself. Just kidding. Why is it our so called friends are the ones that like to take advantage of us. Do not lower your price.
I told you the system was messed up! LOL
Check out the Satin Ice fondant website, click on videos and watch the one by Betty Van Norstrand, fondant to gumpaste. This should help you.
Check out the Satin Ice fondant website, click on videos and watch the one by Betty Van Norstsrand, fondant to gumpaste. I think this will help.
You can purchase seashell forms from hobby stores like Michaels for a couple of dollars. They can be used with chocolate or a 50/50 mix of gumpaste and fondant. You can then shade them with dusts to make them look realistic. They are super easy to make.
Thanks gals, for your help, I'll see what I can do with your suggestions.
Any ideas for a cake for a x-ray tech, other than scrubs?
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