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Sounds delicious!
Well welcome! You will surely enjoy this site and learn so much from it's members. Just about any flavor cake blends well with fondant. If you have never used fondant before, check out the site Craftsy.....they have a FREE class called Basic Fondant techniques. Once you get "hooked" in cake decorating you will find many tutorials and recipes here on this site as well as Craftsy. Good luck and post your picture of the cake !
Norasmom, I don't know what you mean. Kindly explain.
Will do
Thank you all for your suggestions
Klan 30 I'am adding a lot of pressure as rolling in my hands.
Yes, I've heard of that, will try it. Thanks for your reply
I am making gumpaste animal figures, and no matter how much I roll/warm the paste in my hand I can't get rid of the cracks and or lines in the gumpaste. I even warmed the gumpaste in the micro for a few seconds. Any suggestions?
Put it on a several pieces of foam core boards that have been hot glued together. For my large heavy cakes I place the on a wood board just to hold the cakes to my destination.
Your boots turned out great, would you mind PM me the instructions as well? Much appreciated
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