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Norasmom, I don't know what you mean. Kindly explain.
Will do
Thank you all for your suggestions
Klan 30 I'am adding a lot of pressure as rolling in my hands.
Yes, I've heard of that, will try it. Thanks for your reply
I am making gumpaste animal figures, and no matter how much I roll/warm the paste in my hand I can't get rid of the cracks and or lines in the gumpaste. I even warmed the gumpaste in the micro for a few seconds. Any suggestions?
Put it on a several pieces of foam core boards that have been hot glued together. For my large heavy cakes I place the on a wood board just to hold the cakes to my destination.
Your boots turned out great, would you mind PM me the instructions as well? Much appreciated
I would appreciate the info as well. Thanks.
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