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I have that book as well. I hate to waste $$$$ on real chocolate and have to trash it. But worth a try again
I wish I could be of help to you, but I am struggling with similar problems. I have both classes of Lauren Kitchens and others with MC and still dosen't turn out like theirs. I want to make that wave cake of Lauren' so bad, but have to wait till I master that SIMPLE recipe!
Doug how did you create the "L" angle?
I would like to take you up on your offer to help with the beer mug cake. My e-mail is: So appreciated!
Welcome to CC!
This might helpĀ 
I have decided to purchase an Ateco Cake Stand.i have heard they are the best. In research there are 2 models , a 612 and a 613 both are round, and they also have a 12" square model. Any recommendations as which will be more useful --round or square. Most of my cakes are round. Appreciate any feed back.
Sure the bowl or half round pans by Wilton also
Sounds delicious!
Well welcome! You will surely enjoy this site and learn so much from it's members. Just about any flavor cake blends well with fondant. If you have never used fondant before, check out the site Craftsy.....they have a FREE class called Basic Fondant techniques. Once you get "hooked" in cake decorating you will find many tutorials and recipes here on this site as well as Craftsy. Good luck and post your picture of the cake !
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