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Thanks for the clarification.
Thank you for this, we all can use this from time to time. Once I finished decorating my cake ( right after applying fondant) and a hour later or so.... A big blow out on one of the tiers! Thank God I could just add another flower to cover it. So I appreciate that tip you gave about waiting awhile before adding decorative pieces. One question, the chocolate you are adding is a ganache coating, like others are using to get sharp edges , or just a "skim" coat of...
I have that book as well. I hate to waste $$$$ on real chocolate and have to trash it. But worth a try again
I wish I could be of help to you, but I am struggling with similar problems. I have both classes of Lauren Kitchens and others with MC and still dosen't turn out like theirs. I want to make that wave cake of Lauren' so bad, but have to wait till I master that SIMPLE recipe!
Doug how did you create the "L" angle?
I would like to take you up on your offer to help with the beer mug cake. My e-mail is: So appreciated!
Welcome to CC!
This might helpĀ 
I have decided to purchase an Ateco Cake Stand.i have heard they are the best. In research there are 2 models , a 612 and a 613 both are round, and they also have a 12" square model. Any recommendations as which will be more useful --round or square. Most of my cakes are round. Appreciate any feed back.
Sure the bowl or half round pans by Wilton also
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