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No picture posted.
Carmijok, your letter is lovely and I think is sensitive to all.
I just used some that were made a year ago! They were stored properly and look just as good as the day I made them.
Thanks for tip!
I've "TAPPED" so hard, it no wonder the darn thing did't snap!
I use a spritz of water, a fine mist.
Ursula, I will be staying in a house, so delivery will be easy. I'll check out the site and thank you for your help.
I will be in Dusseldorf in May, and want to make a fondant cake for an occasion, anyone know of a place there to buy supplies, or should I cart my supplies there?
Ursula40 That site looks interesting but how do you use it. I clicken on a picture and it just enlarged or a template appeared.?
You better be making alot to justify the $$$$$. Do you have one? I was wondering what kind of cake they were using, all that rolling seems like you would end up with a bunch of crumbs.
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