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I just saw that program as well, maybe if you waited days in the sunlight it would, but in their case I don' know it would fade that fast.
I was just pricing a 6-7 tier at Global Sugar Art and it was in the $200-250 range. It makes you wonder whats the difference.
I made an experiment one day and froze a fondant cake, and when I took the cake out to defrost, the fondant "sweats". So I would caution against it.
Super videos, thanks for posting, if this keeps up, I will have more tools in my tool box than my husband! Gotta get one of those, I mean the tool, not the husband!
I've heard that Everclear is great. I am a little embarrsed to go into a liquor store and ask for 150 proof alcohol! (he-he) I can hear the clerk saying, Sure lady, your cake decorating!
Yes, make little hook, and also don't use too much "glue" on the wire. I was having that problem as well, then I use less "glue" and they stay put.
Price, is right the polymer clay books are great. I purchased several from Sculpey way with polymer clay. good luck
I checked that site out, and the cap was great! However who does the site belonge to ?
Don't Go! Send a gift, your way to busy! Maybe they want you to gift the cupcakes!
checke out member Traceyscakes, she posted a picture of hers. Just what your looking for.
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