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You are sweet, giving credit to your friend. Also pat yourself on the back while your at it. you deserve it!
Why not use real flowers, much nicer than fake.
All over the house!!!! LOL
I would try a cake supply store, and offer lessons to those home decorators. You could even host kids cupcake decorating parties. Try using your talent in that direction. Good luck to you.
I have the one Edna suggests, I can't get it to work. Tried all the above. Ready to give up!
Thanks Leah, Good to know.
I do the same, add cream cheese to b/c. People love it.
Didn't like it at all, pops too small, not completely round, so I returned it.
I just saw that program as well, maybe if you waited days in the sunlight it would, but in their case I don' know it would fade that fast.
I was just pricing a 6-7 tier at Global Sugar Art and it was in the $200-250 range. It makes you wonder whats the difference.
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