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Why not use real flowers, much nicer than fake.
All over the house!!!! LOL
I would try a cake supply store, and offer lessons to those home decorators. You could even host kids cupcake decorating parties. Try using your talent in that direction. Good luck to you.
I have the one Edna suggests, I can't get it to work. Tried all the above. Ready to give up!
Thanks Leah, Good to know.
I do the same, add cream cheese to b/c. People love it.
Didn't like it at all, pops too small, not completely round, so I returned it.
I just saw that program as well, maybe if you waited days in the sunlight it would, but in their case I don' know it would fade that fast.
I was just pricing a 6-7 tier at Global Sugar Art and it was in the $200-250 range. It makes you wonder whats the difference.
I made an experiment one day and froze a fondant cake, and when I took the cake out to defrost, the fondant "sweats". So I would caution against it.
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