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I use the mix, and don't add the eggs.
I just use a little water, and stays on great.
BurnsyJ, that's what I have to make in the circus theme, so they will be going in individual clear plastic boxes, so there may be a problem. I would love to save some $$ but for 200 I better not take any chances. Thank you all for your replies and advice. Your farm animals are so cute, how many did you make, they take so much time to do.
Isn't it funny how we only see our flaws, sometimes I think I should just keep quite, instead of pointing them out. It's something we all do, but we learn from our mistakes. I read here this: You control the cake, the cake does not control you! (LOL) So, on the last cake I made, with some "flaws" and problems, I kept repeating to myself, "I control you, you don't control me." It helped. Your cake looks very nice, and that's a difficult one to make.
Most liners will show the color of the cake through, so most wedding cupcakes are done in the silver foil, or white liner and then place that into a liner that has not been baked it. This option gives you unlimited choices, or a cupcake sleeve is placed around the baked cupcake. There are so many beautiful sleeves that would be great for a wedding. Keep in mind, the last two options do increase your costs.
I have a large order (200) cupcakes with circus theme, my idea was to use toppers that could be made in advance and the evening before (pick up early morning) just place the topper on the iced cupcake. However, I read a post here or somewhere, if they are made out of fondant and lay on the B/C too long, the next day or hours later, the fondant droops. So, I thought make the part that touches the B/C out of gumpaste, and build up on that with fondant. Obviously, gumpaste...
What causes the fondant to bubble as you roll it out? Even before putting on the cake. I have the AC on, on oven going, and had bubbles in the rolling process.
Congratulations, and thanks for paving the way for others.
Thanks for the video, great way to do it.
Practice, Practice, just what we tell the kids to do. OK, I gotta go practice.Thanks!
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