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Can't add much more than what you have in mind, but do want to wish the very best! Good Luck
I have the double blade Agbay, thanks to my children's Christmas gift. Start dropping hints, when a few family members chip in, it's not that bad
I saw your post , can you send me your pattern for the christening gown.
A nice video, thanks
Check out her blog,
This is not an Onlay, it was done using the cutters that Dayti posted. If you check out Jessicakes blog she demos how to do this. She uses a wax paper transfer method. Makes it seem nice and easy! If you would prefer a mold check out Marvelous Molds, they have a similar mold. They also have great YouTube videos to demo application.
Fondant/tylose figures most certainly can be saved. I have several that I have saved for months!
I read on their site that Cake Safe will be carrying them shortly, they are a great company.
FromScratchSF, love that link you posted about restaurants. After working 7 years for my son in his restaurant, everything in the article rings a bell! He and his family are enjoying a NORMAL life now that he closed it 3 months ago. It's amazing to me how many people don't' know how to use a toliet on America! You think owning your own business gives you more free time....NOT! While others enjoy holidays and birthdays going out to dinner, you can't , and every...
I will be making a graduation cake in school colors of silver and blue . I thought the 2 tiers should be the lighter color, silver with blue on lays Any advice on how to achieve the silver color? This would all be fondant.
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