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I am doing something similar on a buttercream cake.  Any suggestions?   thanks!
thanks for your input! appreciate it.
I make my buttercream with half butter and half shortening. Sometimes, but not all the time, when it's stored at room temperature (not above 75 degrees), I will open it a day or two later and see little puddles of oil. I rewhip but then sometimes I see it on the base of the cake board later.Any suggestions?
thanks! I appreciate your thoughts.I have done edible images but not in this way so I'm a little nervous.
can you apply an edible image to fondant and then it will be a little flexible to look like cloth?I have a Scottish theme cake and wanted to make a small kilt. didn't know if the image will crack or will flex with the fondant.any thoughts appreciated!
I was thinking about using edible image also for the tartan! thanks for your suggestions! I appreciate it. Food for thought!
I have been looking at the various ones on here. Need suggestions on how to make the pipes. or any suggestions to help with this cake are welcome!Thanks!
I use a WASC mix. I bake my cupcakes at 375. nice dome. nice and moist.good luck!
I will check that out. thanks!
I am making a bunch of mini cupcakes using a Pampered Chef mini muffin pan. I am looking at BRP Boxshop and see they offer a mini cupcake insert and also a skinny mini cupcake insert.anyone know the difference or have used either of these?Thanks for any suggestions!
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