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Periperi -- I thought I'd saved something regarding cake photography from here at CC, but can't locate it just yet.In the interim, here are a couple of links with excellent suggestions:1. some of those provide insight for you. : )Take care, PDX
Scp, I hadn't heard of that -- good stuff! Thanks for sharing! : )(It's always fun to see what others are doing, and now I have something new to try.)
Little Baker, you're welcome! : )One of the tricks I like to use is placing my melted chocolate in another bowl (or pan) that is filled with VERY hot water -- I just continually keep that heated and with the paramount crystals it seems to keep everything smooth for an extended period. Depending upon where you live and the humidity levels there, you'll have to try a few things to see what works best for you.Best wishes! : )
Alleykat, this will take you to her website, Sugar Delites: : )
MelliC, ganache can be used as a filling by itself, as an outer coating (as in the icing on the cake), or as the coating under fondant. I agree w/TexasSugar that it would be a little overwhelming to have the ganache, filling and fruit all together. Perhaps if you explain what type of filling and fruit you're using, someone can better help you.HTH.
If you have time and access to a cake/candy supply store, paramount crystals work beautifully to thin out chocolate -- real or candy melts.Here's a link: look like shaved wax. Some folks use a little Crisco; you might try that if you can't get the crystals in time.HTH.
Here are some tips I got from an instructor at Cake Camp this past week regarding fresh strawberry fillings:First, put regular BC icing between your two layers and the strawberry filling between each 1 inch layer. (This is if you're splitting each layer. If not, see the other tips. If that doesn't make sense, PM me.) Next, if you're using strawberries for your filling, right after slicing them, mix them with a glaze -- like Marie Callendar's strawberry glaze (can be...
Here you are: and also: here on CC has other recipe links in her signature line; here's the link to those:! : )
I believe I've seen some formers for sale, but they're pretty expensive.A less costly way to go is to purchase an inexpensive pair of shoes and basically cut away all but the sole and heel. Then make your template and start building, using the original sole as your former.Anne Heap of the Pink Cake Box has an excellent video (it's a 3-part video) on her website. Here's the link: and good luck! : )PDX
Mija, I've only used the NFSC here on CC, which worked great. Are you chilling your dough before cutting -- see the "Hints" listed under the instructions for NFSC - and also chilling again before baking? The Flour Pot Cookie Book recommends re-refrigerating the cut out cookies for approx. 15 mins. so they set up, which should eliminate any running issues. (I do both -- refrigerate the dough after rolling, then the cut out cookies before baking, and I haven't had any...
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