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Emile Yes, do place your lace in the oven with the oven light on. I place on oven rack at the highest closest to the light. It will probably be dry in 24 hrs. Do this all the time, works great.
Your welcome 😉
Depends on how often and what your using your mixmaster for. Extra watts doesn't always translate to durability or longevity. Extra watts just means more power. If you use your mixmaster for large loads, then it's worth it. Especially if you own a business and your consistently making large batches of icing and cake batter. I have a 500 watt Kitchen Aid and I've used it a LOT.....probably close to 10 yrs.+ Still going strong. More watts means more $$$. So only you can...
Yes, you have to cover your cake dummy with fondant first. Otherwise, your ruffled fondant strips will not adhere to the styrofoam. It would be a lesson in frustration if you didn't.
You can mix food colouring with lemon juice or lemon extract. That works very well.
Contact Facebook. They will investigate. And if they see he/she has stolen cake pics, they will shut her down. This seems to be a growing problem. Being FB is world wide.
I also don't re-whip, but like FrostedMoon I let it come to room temperature and stir well. I have froze frosted cupcakes many, many times. Always come out fine. I've froze up to a month.... A-Ok. 😉
Here is a picture of a cake structure that would fit the picture you posted. Hope this helps.
My guess, most likely stainless steel rod supports are used if the tilted cake is real cake. They would run from the bottom tier right up to the 3rd level tier. Would be screwed into the cake board. Fancy silver balls, most likely made of fondant or gumpaste, in between the tiers hide the rods. If kakeladi is correct in stating the tilted tier is a dummy cake, then only strong wooden dowels would be needed. I'm sure if you Googled how to support a Topsy Turvy cake,...
Yup..... 😊 😊 😊
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