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I am from Burlington, On., and I buy mine from Bulk Barn. Not sure you have one where you are..... 😊
I've done this...just a different colour in each mould hole....tedious, but doable. It would be easier to use one of your small nozzle piping tips to punch out the colours and roll out the balls yourself.....faster.....
I've been a scratch baker since I stated baking with my Mom at 13. About 100 yrs. ago...hee hee. If you want to know about the science behind baking, may I recommend "The Cake Bible" book by Rose Levy Beranbaum. Invaluable. Best $$$ I ever spent. Recipes and great instructions, tips on baking AND the science behind it. I did know tho, from my Mom, and Home EC classes, which, sadly doesn't get taught anymore, beating the butter...a lot!...,incorporates air...which helps...
Your welcome.... 😉
Just saw your extra question. No, just use all your usual ingredients....just the addition of the sour cream. No bi-carb necessary..... 👌
Yup....easy peasy. I personally wouldn't add more than 1/2 cup/125 ml to say a 9" pan...I find if you do, cake becomes dense/fudgy like a brownie. Of course if that's what you want, great. I like a rich chocolate cake with a good crumb. When I want a brownie....I make brownies.... Sure your cake is gonna rock.... 👍 👍
lillyanne you could easily add 1/2 cup/125 ml of sour cream. You don't need to adjust your recipe by adding liquid or exta bicarbonate of soda. The addition of sour cream will make your cake dense, so you will have to adjust your baking time. Could take anywhere from 10 min to 20 min extra depending on the amount of batter and your cake tin. I use either sour cream, mayonnaise or plain yogurt all the a charm. Produces a moist dense cake. 🍮 🍮
Emile Yes, do place your lace in the oven with the oven light on. I place on oven rack at the highest closest to the light. It will probably be dry in 24 hrs. Do this all the time, works great.
Your welcome 😉
Depends on how often and what your using your mixmaster for. Extra watts doesn't always translate to durability or longevity. Extra watts just means more power. If you use your mixmaster for large loads, then it's worth it. Especially if you own a business and your consistently making large batches of icing and cake batter. I have a 500 watt Kitchen Aid and I've used it a LOT.....probably close to 10 yrs.+ Still going strong. More watts means more $$$. So only you can...
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