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You can find a great tutorial here:
It is a very pretty box. I think you should make the opening half as wide. And then support it with a wedge of fondant or styrofoam, and attach it with royal icing.
Sorry about your disaster, but I guess we must all take our part of disasters. That is how we learn.You could take a look at this tutorial, where Louise uses a dowel trough the whole cake.
If you are going to make two flavours, then I would use some empty, clean foodtins. They would work just fine.
Could you use a mini tier cake pan from this site?
Yes, well said Doug There really isn't anything you can do to prevent people from saving pictures from the web - except if you don't upload them in the first place.Let it be up to the owners of the pictures to decide if they want to share, but give them a fair warning of the consequences if they do. I just found a way to get the pictures downloaded, but I'm not sharing The thing CC did to prevent this is to put a transparent image on top of all the pictures. The...
Take it from a Dane You can't make æbleskiver in the oven.
Just keep mixing on high speed and you will see it coming together again
Here u go:
I wouldn't mind donating, if I had an international credit card. But I don't, and I asume this goes for at least some of the non US citizens here.
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