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Thanks so much. I figure the more people that can share the link the better.Have a great week!Tracie
I think you should do it in sections. Since the stadium is already sectioned off, it will be a great way to use the seams as dividing lines instead of looking like it didn't match up.
We are trying to start a petition that will eventually be forwarded to our state representatives to try and get a bill created that will allow for a Cottage Food Law in Nevada. If you live in Nevada, please go to the following link . We have also started a Facebook page, so if you have any information or details that will help, please feel free to post. ...
Rylan, if they are the ones I have, the are the "Sugar Plum Baroque Gum Paste Molds".They come in a hard plastic box and there are 12 molds. Looks like the item # on the box is 1906-1299.
I have a commercial 2 door (sliding) refrigerator. I've never had a problem like that. I would check the temperature of the fridge. Maybe parts are colder than others and causing the issue. Try different areas, maybe it's like an oven that doesn't heat evenly.
I bought the NX 415. It was only $40 at Office Depot. I had a Canon for a very long time and loved it. I'm still playing with the 415, but it seems to work well. The picture looks good, and for the small investment, I figured I would try it.
Congratulations Rylan.Send me some pictures when you get a chance so I can share them with the cake club.Tracie
Chef Rubber on Schuster is good. Paul the owner is great. He just did a demo for our cake club.There is also Jan's Tempting Treasures in Henderson. It's a small shop but she is really nice and has a ton of stuff.
When I don't use my printer often, I have to clean the cartridges about 5 or 6 times to get flow going again.
Wow. Mine had about 12 and only 3 were bought when I was in there. Hubby said I should have bought extra to make a know the other stores in the area didn't have near as many as this one. It's out of the way but right by me, so it's perfect.
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