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Thanks that first site has the design I want sadly it's a chocolate mold. they all seem to only be chocolate molds it's sad. That second one though has a hard candy one so thanks! that will work
I'm looking for a seahorse lollipop mold for hard candy and all I an seem to find is for chocolate. I saw some on Etsy where the seahorse has wings and another that's a baby seahorse but I can't seem to find these in normal lollipop molds only chocolate molds.
I buy mine from   We use these containers for leftovers and freezing bulk foods lol so We always buy a lot of them
You may want to look into ordering from a wholesale place.   The above link is a site I shop from a lot has a 10 pound case for $18
Only one cake this week for my nephews birthday party. My sister helped with this so some of the piping is a bit light. She's still learning lol.   We also did baseball cookies and cake pops and we had my nieces do chocolate dipped pretzels so they could help out. The girls (8 and 11) helped out with making the MMF and coloring it too. Got some great pictures of my youngest niece covered in powdered sugar lol.
I'd cluster the flowers in odd size clusters to make it more natural and I personally like the bigger numbers with less decorations.
Such great work from all of you :) No cakes or baking of any kind here we have been in the middle of a heat wave and my asthmatic self has been staying in an air conditioned room just to be able to breathe lol.  Next weekend is my nephews 13th birthday party.  I'll be making him a 4 tier cake (biggest tier is a dummy) some cookies, cake pops and covered strawberries.  Not sure when I should start putting these all together but I'm really looking forward to it all. It's...
1. Blueberry 2. Cherry 3. Apple
This heat is killing me too. Made cupcakes for the guys on my fiancé's work crew luckily they were able to put them in the fridge at work.  The ones I took to my sister on the other hand melted guess that's what I get for using butter instead of shortening in the icing in this hot weather.
For myself I like the 2" spacing but I do kind of like the 4" as well just have never made one.
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