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How many cupcake does this stand hold fully asembled?
I was afraid of this also. I have made two cakes so far, and there is no change in the amount of batter. There has been in increase in the baking time, but have only noticed it when I'm baking in my larger pans.
I forgot to mention I used the white cake mixes
I just recently noticed Betty Crocker down sized their cake mix boxes from 18.25 oz. to 16.25 oz. Their "Facebook" page said something about a new reformulation process. I baked two cakes this morning using bake even strips around my pan, and the cake seemed to rise more than the normal, and baked longer than the normal, plus they cracked big time! I'm wondering if anybody else has noticed any changes? I'm also worried because there was a response from another baker on...
This video has really helped me with stacking cakes! It also has the information on where to purchase the dowels she uses. I highly recommend these dowels!
I have made IMBC and absolutely love it! I used it to frost some cupcakes last Halloween. How stable is this frosting in the summer? Can it hold up to high heat or humidity? How long can cakes be left out frosted with this buttercream?
I agree Americolor doesn't clog!
Is it ok to airbrush an entire cake frosted with real whip cream? I plan on using a heavy cream to make my frosting. I airbrush my cakes all the time but I use frost and pride or buttercream, i have never tried it on real whip cream. Please help.
I don't know the difference between a convection or regular oven. I think a convection oven circulates the air more through out the oven, but I'm not sure. I think I remeber hearing somwhere that they are hotter as well. I myself have a gas oven, I prefer way over electric stoves. Thats just my opinion. All I know is that if I had the money to choose any stove I wanted it would be a Viking! For now I have to settle with what I have. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
Before anybody else see's this pic, I would like to state that I did use a appropriate cake board but the icing slid off the cake and swallowed up the origional cake board plus the bottom piece of my tupperware cake carrier! Luckily I saw catastophre approaching and rushed to grab a larger cake board to prevent a larger mess. Sorry I didn't get the chance to appropriately cover that board!LoL!!!! Just thought this forum needed a little sense of humor! ...
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