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Hello all!! I was hoping someone could help me out with this monkey cake. I am not sure what pans to use. I am sure I could carve most of it from a pan cake but what do you think was used for the mouth part??? Strange shape! Any ideas would be greatly appreicated!
Hello all :O) Just wondering if anyone has the secret to achieving a realistic denim effect??
Thanks for the tips egensinnig: Do you have a recipe for the whipped Ganache?
Hi all Question: How long does chocolate mousse last in between layers of a chocolate cake? Does it soak in after awhile? Can I make the cake the night before with mousse inbetween the layers and still be certain the cake will taste and look delicious the next day?
Hello All ) I am in need of a creamy dreamy chocolate cake recipe! Even something fun like a smore flavor cake or an expresso cake! )
WOW!! Sounds delicious!! Bravo! I am sooooo making those this weekend! I bet you could do the same with chocolate cupcakes!! MMmmmmm yum! Did I mention I LOVE this website?
I used just the juice part (it is thick like a filling), The cherries just wouldn't fit through the teeny piping hole haha. It works perfect with the just the jiuce part and then you have all those darn cherries to figure out what to do with hint hint yum! They did taste fantastic! Let us all know how yours worked out!! )
haha, thats SOO weird cause I totaly shipped them via express! weird. lol Trust me, definitely a must try!
I bought a can of cherry pie filling and just used the stuff the cherries were in. I put it into a piping bag with a wilton tip #3. I just poked the tip into the cupcakes and filled them that way. It was soooo yummy!
Well, the cupcakes turned out fabulous! They were a big hit and every last one got eaten! I would recommend the cherry cheese cake cupcake! YUM!
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