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This may be a stupid question but here goes....Did you grease and flour the pans as you normally would before pouring and freezing that batter? Just wondering how that would hold up frozen or if you used another method to prevent the cake from sticking to the pan while baking.
Thank you so much for your help. I never would of thought to freeze the batter!! I think I am going to try to halve it this time. I just bake for family & friends so I don't know when the next cake will be. Thanks again!!
My friend asked me to make her sons b-day cake. The catch is he wants a marble cake. My question is can I halve my choc. & vanilla cake recipes so that I don't have a bunch of left over cake batter? Its just a small 9 in cake for the family so I don't need two full batches of each cake batter. I use the "perfectly chocolate" cake recipe from Hershey and the Easy yellow cake recipe from the CC recipes. I am assuming it will be okay because the ingredient ratios will still...
Thank you sooo much Cat!! Just got done making a batch. All I have to say is WOW!! So yummy. I am a nut freak so I added some walnuts in with mine yum!!!!
This recipes sounds AMAZING!!! Wanted to try making it today. Could you let me know what oven temp you used to bake them?
Same thing happened to me! I have made the same choc. cake recipe a million times with no problems. Its a Choc. WASC cake recipe that I love. Tried making it last week....sunk two times! Used the flower nail, bake even strips, etc. to no avail. So bizarre. I finally tried a completely different scratch recipe and it came out fine. Was your recipe from scratch or was it a doctored box recipe? Just wondering if DH box mix could have made some changes that are effecting the...
Thank you both so much. So I guess I will get there early and assemble on-site. Should I bring buttercream or royal to attach the decorations...or does it not make any difference?
Hi all....I am sure this has been discussed a bunch but I search and couldn't find any info. I am doing a baby shower cake for a friend...1st time doing a cake that "strangers" will see. The expectant mom wanted nothing "baby" on the cake...they are doing a Christmas theme instead. My design is a 12 in and 9 in choc. cake w/choc buttercream filling and iced in indys buttercream (1st time using by the way). I have made a gazillion royal icing poinsettas and 3...
Thank you all so much for your responses. I am going to try playing around with it tonight!!
I use the standard Wilton buttercream recipe....crisco, water, vanilla, powdered sugar, and meringue pwd. Wilton says to add cocoa to make chocolate buttercream. I was wondering if anyone ever added melted chocolate to the recipe instead? Wasn't sure if the melted choc. would break down the buttercream consistency.
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