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Thanks for your advice. I never thought of it that way! I will have to check on a few things before I make a final decision as to what to do.
Oh, and the added value would be that I could sell premade cakes, cupcakes, pastries, etc, that I wouldn't normally be able to do with just a home based business.
My home bakery license will allow to sell at a store or retail location, I would just have to add another step to the licensing process by making a business plan for the store.  Ideally, the store would only be open short hours during the day and some evenings, allowing time for pickups, etc and myself and my husband would be the only actual "employees".  I have also thought about the time aspect of baking at home and then having to work at the store, but I could always...
I also wanted to add that the store is on the main street of town so it would have a ton more traffic for selling of cupcakes, muffins, etc at retail in order to bring in more revenue. :)
I am in the process of becoming a licensed home kitchen and was wondering if anyone here is a licensed home kitchen and has a store for just pickups and consults, like a retail site? I will more than likely utilize the store to sell other items in the future, but never to bake in. The rent of the store I am looking at is affordable, so the cost of that plus utilities should not be an issue. The reason I would like a store is because I think it would make it easier for...
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