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All this talk of cake balls/truffles makes me want to try them. I have extra cake left over from a cake I did today...I think I'll give them a try. Thanks for the great ideas everyone!!!!!
Don't be to hard on yourself....your cake looks great! I wish I could make my BC flowers look like yours (I'm not so good at BC flowers).
I too ask for cake stuff for my birthday and Mothers day, etc. ever since I started decorating. That's so funny. I'm so happy for you... can't wait to see your cakes. Happy Caking.
Thanks for the link....can't wait to buy it and see all the wonderful cakes!!!
Here's the link to Merissa's raspberry filling.
A few months ago I got an order for 2 cakes with a raspberry filling. Well I had never made a raspberry filling before so I went to the recipes section here on cake central and found a couple of recipes. I went ahead and chose to try the raspberry filling submitted by Merissa (original recipe) since it seemed quite simple and easy to do and it turned out great. The customer just loved it. The only thing that I would advise is to make sure when bringing the mixture back to...
Thank you soooooo much sweetcakes for your helped. Peeled right off.
As far as the marbleizing goes I personally have only used one color, but what I do to achieve that look is I prepare the fondant and a dab of the color of choice and then twist and pull the fondant just a few times. Enough to show a few streaks in the fondant but not to much where the fondant is completely colored. Then I roll it out. I guess if you were to add two colors you could apply one color fold it over and then apply the second color fold it over and begin to pull...
I am in the middle of making a cake due in a couple of hours and I was given an edible image that was purchased online about 2 or 3 weeks ago when the cake was ordered. Well, this would be the first time that I actually am going to apply an edible image to a cake. So I thought (when it was given to me) that I would just peel and stick. Boy was I wrong! I CAN'T GET IT OFF THE PAGE!! It came stuck to a white page and when I try to peel it it starts to kind of rip. Can...
Just thought I would add that I also have Firefox and am not having any trouble. Hmmm, wonder if that means anything?
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