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WOW, WeddingCakeEnchantress! Thanks for sharing all the is very helpful. And welcome to CC!!!!!!
Hi tripleE, just wanted to share with you that if you go to the forum under "General" there is a thread on the subject of "Comments on Cakes" by stephanie214 that might help you better understand. HTH
What a great idea artsywest. I will have to try this method.
Hello Countrybee and Texas_Rose!!! Just wanted to say hi to some fellow Texas cakers. Good Luck with your cake!!!! Hope Your Bride goes for the great ideas.
There is a video tutorial in the "How To" section in the articles. HTH
I personally like to work with fondant better. But that's because I have only tried gumpaste a few times and (maybe it's because i don't know all the techniques) but I can never seem to sculpt what I want out of it before it starts to dry out or starts to crack. I'm sure that I'm not doing it right though because I see a lot of gumpaste work here on CC that looks great. Anyway I would definitely say fondant.
I know exactly how you feel. I would much rather deliver the cake myself so that I know the cake gets there safely but every once in a while I get someone who wants to pick up the cake (and its always someone picking it up for them) and you just know they're not going to take care of the cake like as if it was for them, so there I am praying and hoping the cake gets to the customer the same way it left.I feel ya!!!Let us know how everything turns out...I'm sure it will be...
I also purchased that castle kit from wiltons for my cousins little girls cake. I really didn't have much trouble with it (I made it simple) until it was time to deliver it. I drove 10 MIH all the way to the place and the towers still fell over. I dropped off the cake and rushed back home to get my repair kit. I was able to fix it...but I was very close to having my first cake disaster. So I would definitely recommend attaching the towers after you already have the cake on...
I just recently got an airbrush machine for Mother's Day, and I absolutely love it. I am able to airbrush several colors on a cake with ease and without the buttercream mess of having to tint several colors and then run out of buttercream and then have to make some more, etc. It did take some getting use to though.Now, I'm still learning how to use it and what all its uses are but I have to say, it's already been worth having. For me it's also good for all those hard...
I agree with everybody else, it gives it a nice pop of color. I just love Gerber pretty!!! My husband is the same way, everything looks just fine to him. Never any real feedback from him.
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