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I buy the 25lb. bad of bread flour from Sams every 2 weeks. I use it for all my baking EXCEPT a recipe that specifically calls for 'cake flour' -- then I use Swans Down.
Three years ago a cake decorator I know left the business--she gave me her used Ateco turntable--I was thrilled! Two years in it siezed and would not turn--I asked my {very busy} husband if he could fix it--he took it out to the workbench--I waited patiently {because I know my dear husband would not forget about it} and time passed and passed--I made due turning cakes by hand dragging across the counter Well, unbeknownst to me.....husband took it to a machine shop and...
I bake all cakes except full sheets in my regular oven. The full sheets I bring to my neighbors because they fit, and hers is a convection. I love it! It bakes evenly and I bake at 25 degrees less than my regular oven. The full sheets have always turned out moist, fully cooked, and little hump. I would get a convection if I were purchacing a new oven for my home.
Ugh! 11:45 EST here and I just finished a full sheet for tomorrow. All BC..7 different colors and I didn't have my disposable bags! I had to keep washing bags and tips... My feet hurt and my back...........Oh, I just remembered some advise I gave to the secretary at school today...complaining won't help a thing! ..... guess I should take my own advise Night Night
Thanks so much you guys! I sigh a sigh of relief....I am not a nut! Other people have felt like me. I also think menopause is playing a small role in this And Leah, you are too funny....perspective, you gotta love it!
Does anyone feel this way?? Last night, finished large order, dropped off, customer was fine, paid me and by the time I got home my stomach was in knots. I'm asking "do they think I charged too much? you think they liked the product? they think I'm trying to get over on them??..etc'My husband calmed me down (bless him!) and I felt fine after....noone has ever complained....I get great feedback....I just seem to always feel this way after an order. And I know...
I've done the missing keys....and they are hooked to my finger like a ring....looking everywhere like a fool and starting to panic....heheheheheNow when ANYTHING like that happens I blame it on menopause! Works great!
I wear an apron...cotton. I have intended to make one for some time but there is always some other thing I need to do......Our kids help in the kitchen and they have one says 'kiss the cook' and they enjuoy making sure everyone in the house kisses them!
This is spectacular! I am always afraid while driving
She sounds, like so many people, very self-centered. If you can look yourself in the mirror and know that you did all you could, then I would say move on. Ask some close confidants if your behavior was above board and if it wasn't be concerned only with sweeping your side of the street. Water finds it's level.
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